Rynel - Foam Follows Function

More than a simple sponge: dissimilar components, specialized equipment and customer confidentiality...

A personal care product company asked Rynel to develop products featuring their highly absorbent components that would be compatible with our hydrophilic polyurethane foam. The components were unstable in the presence of moisture, however, and required special handling in delivery to a metering/mixing process that used an aqueous system in the formation of the foam structure.

Rynel contracted with an outside vendor for specialized equipment to mix the dissimilar components. Despite having to relay highly specific technical information with this third party, we maintained client confidentiality throughout development. The resulting product successfully exhibited the properties of both the absorbent components and our foam.

Recognized for Innovation and Product Quality

Consumer Products:
Exceeding Expectations

  • Broad range of products, including cleaning products and chemical applicators
  • High quality hydrophilic polyurethane foam, alone or in combination with other materials, such as non-wovens
  • Controlled release of soaps, cleansers, detergents, deodorizers, moisturizers and other active ingredients
  • Latex free and non-toxic

It may not say Rynel on the label, but most likely you have seen our foam in products sold throughout the world.

Product Examples:

  • Absorbent Floor Cleaners
  • Clean room wipes for critical applications
  • Foam buffer pads for fingernail care
  • Animal grooming pads
  • Lens cleaners

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