Rynel - Foam Follows Function

Development partnership optimizes delivery of pharmaceuticals:

A pharmaceutical device manufacturer asked Rynel to develop a highly absorbent pad that would adhere to a flat surface and deliver a specific volume of an active ingredient to a prescribed surgical area.

Product optimization required the redesign of all product components and the utilization of a unique lamination of various textile materials within and onto the foam structure.

As a result of the collaboration between customer and development team, product cost and complexity were greatly reduced, while functionality significantly improved.

Our lab will test the compatibility of your active compound with our foam chemistry.

Pharmaceutical Products:
Rynel is in the solutions business.

Rynel's work with pharmaceutical products began with antimicrobials and the controlled release of active ingredients. Now we have expanded our ISO 13485:2003 scope to include the addition of active ingredients, and our manufacturing facility has been designed to accommodate the handling and packaging of these compounds.

Product Examples:

  • Antimicrobials/antibacterials
  • Hemostatic compounds
  • Scar-reduction agents
  • Cosmeceutical ingredients

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